LemmyApps enables users to discover the best Lemmy apps for their use case. Whether that's apps that are only open source, or that target a specific platform.

Why LemmyApps.com? Why not public wikis or forums?

LemmyApps is built with 2 key things in mind: automation and filtering.

  • Automation: every 6 hours, data is aggregated from various sources. This includes GitHub, GitLab, Google Play Store, and the App Store.
  • Filtering: filter by platform, source status, and numeric attributes like downloads, stars, commits, etc.

What does LemmyApps offer?

  • Sort apps by last commit, last release, downloads and many more attributes.
  • Filter apps by platform, open source, free, and in-app purchases.
  • Users can submit apps and update their listings with new releases easily.
  • Users can claim apps and update their author profiles.
  • Supports every platform and sub-platform -- including lesser known stores.

Open Source Commitment

This website will be available as FOSS and distributed on GitHub.

FOSS Status: Undergoing security code review


If you run into any issues, please email support at lemmyapps dot com. I will try to get back to you within 24 hours.


While I manually inputted all data and conducted research, I would like to acknowledge other community sources I used to help build this website.


The following providers were used for various icons and graphics.

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